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Well the answer is no. But we don’t see it any less of an improvement in most areas. We’ll have to see what the full benchmarks show when we get to that. The only other piece of the puzzle that we need to make sure of is that it does not make it too hard for users to use. We saw some folks get into trouble for using it on a Mac and there are still questions as to how it behaves on Windows. We’re getting better at making sure that this works well on the PC, which I think most people already do, when it comes to a camera-based workflow where you’re creating at home.

The other positive aspect of Lightroom that is not being mentioned is one I see quite often, which is it lets you focus in with your phone camera. So, it allows you to shoot what you want and then you get an image back that includes everything in the frame. For anyone who wants some great looking photos from a camera and would like to keep their phone’s quality intact, we think it’s a huge advantage. Again, though, that’s a big part of why we’re starting to see this being a big deal, because it’s really a huge benefit for professionals. You still get great quality and you get great results from shooting with a regular camera, but from a phone camera, it allows you to focus in better. You don’t have to worry about losing quality because you’re not even able to see what’s actually out there.

You recently posted photos of your shooting workflow on Lightroom for iOS which you call “My Digital Camera”. In them you also included Lightroom 4 for Android, so has this become a separate app or are you currently working on adding it to Lightroom 4 on Android?

That’s something we’ve been working on for a while. For the last year or so we’ve been working on making our Android version feel at home on the iPad and we’re now ready to ship that onto the mobile app store.

In your article “I Shoot RAW – Is Any Software Bad?” you state that, “most photographers are trying to be more efficient and more efficient with their camera and more efficient with their RAW capture. RAW captures are much more prone to noise, noise reduction, color saturation, color casts, and other artifacts. So, RAW captures also produce less light and more noise, and you can’t just let it go.” Is Lightroom 4 on Android less prone to issues due to the RAW image file format

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