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This has been the question I’ve been asked a lot lately but I am not a fan of writing a query, so let’s address it. It comes down to one word: money. I have a very high net worth. At my age, I expect that I will spend $100,000-100,000 on writing and editing, if that’s what this business is. You are not asking for the moon and I am not asking you to be an instant money maker. If that is what you want you won’t find me. Just because I don’t accept queries, is not to say that I wouldn’t accept one. But I am not one of those who just accept everyone who wants to get paid. To say that I do or wouldn’t accept someone else’s work for free is to say to me: pay me to do your work. There will always be a point at which I say: yes, send me your stuff and I will edit, and by that time I have already spent enough on the work (or you send me a complete manuscript!) and will pay you for it, but let’s not go there. I will just ignore it like I did last time . And please, don’t tell me to write an unsolicited manuscript when you already did that.

Can an agent do my research?
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I don’t think all agents are created equal, and the fact of the matter is that we all get jobs to help make a living. This is one of those things that is both good and bad. It is good because the agents get paid for their work and it keeps us all employed and allows us to keep doing what we know how to do – so we can keep working to support others. On a negative side it means that once you are an agent you can do a ton of research. And once I’m an agent, as they say, you have to know everything (because we still get the clients asking for the research and the editing) and that’s a ton of work (I’ll admit that). This does come with the good and it’s why agents are paid to do their job (and not just to send you a manuscript they are paid to send you). So, do ask! I don’t want to be accused of saying that I was just stealing my stuff because I never got a rejection. Not to mention that I didn’t have any other jobs while I was a working reporter in the 70’s or 80’s, and yes I took several internships as well

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