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How often does the final edit come out?

How long does it take for a book to be published?

How many people worked on the book?

How much work did the author have to do?

How long did it take to make the book, how many copies were made, and how many copies of each edition were sold?

How much has the publishing industry changed since the last time someone asked this question? Well, the book industry has changed dramatically since 2009. Publishing has been through a period of upheaval. Publishers have been sold and moved. Editors lost their gigs after they were sacked at bookshops. The quality of books has changed dramatically. There exist many more people who could provide help to the books. Many more books sold than ever with fewer and fewer mistakes.

When someone asks this question they are asking about two different questions. The first asks how much work would it take to produce the book. The second asks whether they would produce the book in a single month. In order to answer this question you need to understand how much of a book needs to be made. Without knowing how many copies needed to be produced the second question is simply not possible.

There are many more publishers than ever before. Some were established when publishing was done with a single book. Some were established in order to meet specific needs. Some have expanded into publishing with dozens of books. They are all dealing with the same issues. You do not just get to go and meet with publishers one by one. The books are made by millions of people. They all need support and help in order to produce them.
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Now let me describe how I am able to produce 10,000 books a month.

Here are just 3 small changes that get the job done.

1. Create the books by myself (the author’s name.)

2. Provide all the tools used on an average book: cover design templates, layout and layout design, production, shipping and handling, all sorts of books and printing.

3. I spend 10% of my monthly income on the book itself. In other words, I make half of my pay as a writer every month.

To understand this better, I am using a template book. To help make the process easier, let me show you a couple of examples.

1. The book I am about to talk about was originally finished several years ago. You can see for yourself that the art design looks dated.

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