How do you Photoshop clothes on someone?

Can they be made of cloth or something?

They’ve tried so many combinations of fabrics and textures, and there are just so many different ways to do things. People make shirts out of denim. People make dresses out of silk. We’ve had a number of different fabrics, but we’ve always started very simple, and then added more and more detail, with every release we’ve had. We’re always trying to improve every single item to make it even better, even though you might not think this is what your clothes will look like five years from now. When we get the chance to go out and put these things out, we just go and put them out as we did with “The Body.” We didn’t really have much choice because it already looked great, but every single item is different and unique. We have so many different options when it comes to making your clothes, like we never did with this one, which was just a combination of denim and silk, and we tried to go for as varied a background as possible.

Are there any special tools or techniques you employ to make things look so good?

We had some special items that we didn’t use in “The Body,” but if we were gonna make it look different, it was always going to have to be done with a little bit of love. With the shirt, we used a cotton fabric that we found on a farm in Arkansas, and we added a bit of leather that we found in Louisiana. We went to a craft store there and just got some really nice leather boots and boots for the back of the boots, along with a leather belt and gloves that I found in the middle of the woods for a lot of the belts in leather jackets. Because we’ve really put a lot of love into the pieces, that’s a lot of work—especially when you’re wearing a dress.

When it comes to clothing, does your husband help you?

My husband does a lot of the sewing. He makes the seams, so he has more of a point of reference and a lot more control over the process than I do. He always wants to make sure everything’s looking nice, and there’s plenty of other people over at our apartment making the clothes, but he’s the main one, he’s a more hands-on person and more involved with it.

Do you have your own studio or do you do your own pieces?

We have a little studio in the same area where my husband works over there.