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I’ve been trying out different techniques and what I have found is the only way I can make it look real and realistic is to use a digital camera to take a few exposures. Then I add various effects such as softening highlights and shadows. I’ve tried a couple of digital cameras for these shots and I’m going to stick with the EOS M5.

Can you use multiple exposures without losing color?

No. If I change the exposure of any one or a few exposures, then I know that the colors are not going to be exactly the same as they were. I have an image that is very soft with lots of soft highlights and some soft shadows. I can then use Adobe DNG files to add a tonal level to it.

Do you work digitally?

I would say not at a very large scale. I do have many computer screens in the back of my house and I often run some light fixtures through my computer.

What is the coolest thing that you’ve done?

I’ve had the honor of being given a job as Chief Engineer at a facility in the South Pacific. This job was in support of exploration of volcanic vents. I also worked for many years as a freelance photographer and I used to make a living selling photos at photo shows in the New York area.

The last thing on this list I think is really cool is that I was recently a part of a group of people who went to a small village in Thailand to show how they were creating a video-games based computer game called Star Citizen. This game features space combat and deep strategy. The team behind the game are currently working on the engine and development of the game and even designed a new ship I’m working on. I’ve met some of the team and learned their vision for this game and am extremely excited about what it could become.

If you want to see more pictures, and read more about my photography, you can purchase these two books I found interesting:

How to Shoot Light Photography and Make Great Images of the Sky (and More!)

How to Make Great Pictures of the Sun and Other Celestial Phenomena (and more!)

The books will be a bit pricey, but I believe the images within them are really great and there is nothing I would change about my process and technique.

So now that you are convinced that I have a great photographic style then let us begin shooting. How do you practice your shooting style?


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