How do I edit photos on my phone like a pro? – Learn Photo Editing Login Roblox Unblocked Login

Simply go to Settings > Display > Photos to see your photos. Then select the photos you want to delete by tapping on the blue button on your right hand side and then tap on delete…

Do I need to restart my phone to finish deleting photos?

No. The app deletes the photos from your phone’s device and memory without need to restart your phone. You can delete photos manually and then remove the photos from the system after the phone is reset.

How do I restore the deleted photos from the storage?

You can download the app.

What are the difference between the free and the pro versions?

The Pro version allows you to delete deleted photos at 1 MB (approx. 8 MB) instead of the unlimited deletion limit. You can also set and store more than one account. You can delete photos by tapping on the blue button on your right hand side and then selecting delete and the limit will go up to 5 MB. If you want to delete all photos you can tap on delete… And then click delete.

Can I delete photos from the device completely?

No, you can delete your photos but not erase them completely. You can add the deleted photos in one go, and then delete them again as many times as you want in a single session.

What is the maximum size of the deleted photos in the Pro app?

In order to delete the photos, you can only delete the photos or folders that you want to delete. Therefore you can delete photos only where you want to.

Can I choose how to delete photos in the free version?

Yes you are able to choose how you want the photos to be deleted, but the default setting of deleting them entirely will delete them completely. You can also change the number of photos deleted as your needs may be!

What are my options for managing photos?

Once you have deleted photos you can view them here:

How do I save a photo as a folder?

To save a photo as a folder, tap on the small blue folder icon on your right hand side, then tap Save to… You can also edit a folder name. For instance, you can change the filename to be something like “my photo collection”.

Can I delete photos on the camera roll?

Yes you can, as long as you are in the app and not the camera roll. Just tap on the folder to get to the Photo Collection screen, then

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