How do I edit a JPEG in Windows 10? – Learn Photo Editing Login Email

You can edit and crop images in Windows 10 using Microsoft’s camera roll or the settings interface in the app.

When can I use an app on Windows 10?

You can use apps on Windows 10 as long as they are installed or the Windows Store has an app of the same name.

When you download an app from the store on a PC, do I need to download it from the PC or Mac?

You will need to download the app from either the app store or PC or Mac and install it on your computer.

Which Windows Store apps do I need?

This depends on which app you have installed:

PC apps

Windows 10 apps

iOS apps

Android app.
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When I upgrade, will this change the type of apps I can install?

Any app you install in Windows 10 as a new customer will be compatible with this upgrade; however, you are no longer guaranteed to be able to use that app in the same environment in Windows 10. To determine which apps you currently have or whether you can upgrade to Windows 10, go to

Do I even need to know how to install apps?

There is no prerequisite or requirement when installing apps in Windows 10; the app installer will guide you through the process. However, in the case of older apps you will need instructions on how to get those apps up and running on the system.

Will my apps start without a screen on the desktop, but when the device boots, they start on the Start Menu?

No, your apps will start on the Start Menu by default. It is useful to see an example of how to enable the Start Menu, as this is the location in Windows 10 of your apps and the taskbar as well.

Can I keep using my PC and Windows Live accounts?

Yes, you can continue to use your Microsoft account. You can also switch to Windows 8 Pro to maintain your existing settings and programs including your personal files and photos (up to 10GB of free space). After upgrading to Windows 10, you will be able to create a new Microsoft account (or create a new Microsoft account).

Can I install custom recovery software, such as ClockworkMod, in Windows 10?

Yes, and you can easily enable these from a menu called Recovery, Recovery Environment, or Recovery Settings.

Do I need another device for Windows

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