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There are many different ways to learn. Here are some of my favorite methods: • Get help from the community and see if a new editor will help you as you find your voice: The good news is that there’s a huge community that’s ready to help you discover an outlet you love. As I said above, I’ve recently become a huge fan of Reddit’s r/writing subreddit: the community is friendly, and I’ve heard good things for their assistance in finding content you’ll really love.

• Check out the open source code for an outlet that appeals to you: This will likely involve a combination of digging around on the website itself, learning about other open source content writers, and reading up on their workflow.

• Look to sites with other editors or other writers: This may or may not be a great way to learn, depending on the project. In my opinion, a website can teach you how to write better than any text-based training in your industry. What I mean is that not all of the best writers are necessarily going to have experience writing for the same platform. But if you go to sites like The Awl or Jezebel, you’ll quickly get a sense of what the experience is like and you’ll be able to figure out how to work from there.

• Learn from professional editors: This may be a little more tricky to learn, since your time and education may be scarce. But if the outlet you’re writing for allows for you to ask good questions and get feedback about your writing on other writers’ blogs, you can gain valuable experience. Even if they don’t, don’t let that discourage you: the feedback you get from an editor’s blog is invaluable to your development as a writer.

• Go write content for your favorite site and blog: There are plenty of blogs that are willing to hire and provide you with writing help. Many of these bloggers and outlets have great content that is easy to consume in one place.

• Make an issue that you want to get published and share it publicly: This is a new trend I started a few months ago — people have already begun sharing issues with sites, giving them an idea of what they think should go into them, and letting the readers vote on them. This has been a huge help in getting issues onto certain blogs or websites that I’ve not had a chance to test yet.
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What’s a great way to get started with your site for writers? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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