How can digital images be manipulated? – Principles Of Photo Editing

In order to know why digital images are manipulated during the conversion process, we must first understand what the image is supposed to be transformed into. The image is typically referred to as a 3D image. 3D images can exist without the need to convert a 3D image into a digital format. One way to achieve this is by using computer graphics software like Microsoft Paint and GIMP. Another way of accomplishing this is by manipulating the 3D image directly in software such as Photoshop. However, using 3D software is often prohibitively expensive and is more time consuming than simply converting 3D to a digital format. The solution that is the most common among the non-converting photographers is to use some of the techniques outlined below.

Image manipulation

Photographer uses image manipulation techniques

Photographer uses any combination of image manipulation techniques on 3D images to change their look, and make them look like a virtual image. When one looks at the original frame of the photographed object, one realizes that it looks slightly different from what is in the 3D image, often a slight blurring. By using specific camera settings, the photographer can change these differences. Below describes the use of the following methods of image manipulation.

Fluorescence Photography

Photographer takes photo of glowing objects using infrared camera, creates a 3D image and uses that to manipulate them using Photoshop

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What are the advantages of using a fluorescence photograph? First off, using a fluorescence photograph allows photographers to use their artistic talents to achieve the desired look in their 3D images. Second, fluorescence photographs are more suitable for digital image processing than any other photographic medium. Fluorescence photographs are the perfect medium to manipulate a 3D object because of all of the possible ways to accomplish this (such as a camera setting or the use of a special fluorescent solution). If one does not know how to do the fluorescence photograph, then a professional has been trained in how to do it so there are no surprises. These photographers are also trained in how to do photography and are highly experienced in using the different techniques.

Photographing with Photoshop

Photographer takes photo of a glowing object using special high-end digital camera, creates 3D image using software, is then using fluorescence photograph in Photoshop to manipulate their 3D object

What are the advantages of using Photoshop? First, Photoshop allows anyone to do 3D processing while in the studio. The most common applications are creating 3D images and using 3D

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