Do professionals use Gimp?

A: Actually, they use other tools.

Q: Is there a special way to make images with GIMP?

A: Not that I know of.

Q: If people think it’s worth using GIMP, why do they hate the image quality?

A: In their head, people see that image quality that GIMP provides the image quality. Because it is not real quality. If you get that you don’t want.

Q: But a professional use and likes GIMP, why think they don’t like the image quality?

A: Because they would lose some of their creative capabilities.

Q: You mean artists use GIMP, because those who work with Photoshop should still use it?

A: If you want you can use any image manipulation program out there. I don’t advocate that they should use GIMP. Just use your best image manipulation program.

Q: How do you use ImageMagick?

A: Here I make very strong statements. It is not an image quality adjustment tool. It is a command set.

Q: But are you saying, that, if the professional use it, they can’t use it?

A: Nope. If you think you need some image adjustment you have to go through it.

Q: Can you explain how ImageMagick operates?

A: It is like a software. You can add, remove, adjust and save.

Q: This is different than what people think.

A: You know, this is not a way to see through a picture. It is nothing and you can use it. It does not do magic. This is a command list to change image.

The GIMP user

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Q: This is the first time that you said, I can’t work with Photoshop because it is too powerful that I can’t make it work in my image editing program.

A: Yeah. Just like that.

Q: What does it mean? Did you use Photoshop in your training as well?

A: Yes. Because I do a lot of video and picture editing and I think, if you use some software that you can edit, you have to find something that is easier to use. Like for example Photoshop. Or I can’t find anything I really need when editing video. I will look at other applications I