Do professionals use Gimp? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Elements Of Art Line

Gimp is an open source application used by a wide variety of professionals as part of their work, from painting, designing and animating to web design and image processing. Its capabilities are very diverse. Most of its tools take a user with very limited knowledge but an open mind – that is the Gimp philosophy.

Where can I download Gimp?

The original source for Gimp is hosted at and its development is open and bug-free – that’s impressive for a program developed nearly 20 years ago. Gimp can also be found at many alternative mirrors.

Who is Gimp for?

Gimp can help you do almost anything; it helps you draw images, add sounds, modify data, do text transformations, create graphics and much more.

What’s Gimp for?

Gimp is not only for design or illustration, it can even be useful for any purpose where you would like to use a text editor or a graphics program: text-to-image conversion, text-completion, text-creation.

What is Gimp’s place in the world of graphics editing?

Gimp is the only open source text editing and graphics creation tool that makes it easy to create professional-looking pictures and animations and it’s fast and easy to use. You can use Gimp to create complex animations, or just do simple text editing for simple tasks like changing labels in a document, or removing labels. For all professional applications where it really matters; Gimp is the best choice.

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