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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Meet with the Councilors at Windhelm. (8-18)

Talk to Dushan Alisih in the Imperial Camp of Falkreath Hold and request that she join the council. (20-30)

Talk to the Councilors at Windhelm. (31-40)

Speak with Alisih to learn the location of the Elder Councilor’s Tower. (41-50)

Talk to Dushan Alisih about the discovery of the tower. (51-58)

Return to Ebonheart, the location of the Elder Temple, to ask about the tower. (60)

Follow Taryon. (59-64)

Discover the Tower. (65-66)

Discover the Temple. (67-68)

Find the Temple. (69-71)

Enter and loot the room beneath the tower.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

To find the Councilors, head upwind from Windhelm and continue down the street, where you will meet the leader of the Windhelm-Dawnstar Border faction, Taryon (see picture at left). His group is not hostile, but has already started an insurrection against the Empire. Once you have spoken to him, you can head across a bridge on the other shore of the Windhelm Harbor. You can also walk to the Temple of the One and talk to the Imperial Master, Ulfric Stormcloak. Both will be in the Temple’s lobby, where you have to speak to Ulfric to learn that the tower is not a regular fort, but something far more powerful. He will then ask you a favor: he wants you to bring back the body of Sarethi Sullaean.

The body was found by a band of bandits headed south from

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