Can you publish a book without an editor?

It would be like publishing a work of fiction without an editor.

When you’re running a website (blog, website, etc.), you have no idea who actually owns the domain name. It just happened to be the last place anybody would look. Your last hope is to find a domain registrar that will put the domain name in their registry for you. The registrar does not own your domain. When your domain registration expires or you sell it your site will become owned by the registrar. So for example, if your domain name has the words author or author book you can’t publish unless someone has the authority to do that (like a publishers or a publishing house) You’d also have to pay the same registration fee as for other domains.

But there are people out there who make websites not owned or published by anybody. It is not a real business. You’d have to pay for it, if you want it to be your online presence: it’d need to be licensed and operated by you.

There are a lot of bloggers, people who live life like a nomad, who live like nomads. I know one of them who has a website that he builds for free. He lives in a van. He has to cook, clean the house and pay utilities when he’s not out there doing things. Most of the time he doesn’t do anything else except live in his van. His website is built on that.

You could call it blogging or it could be something else. You just have to think about why you want it, what is the value to your business, etc. If you want all of your domains to be owned privately and all of them to be hosted on independent hosting companies, then that is the best way to do it. Even an idea like blog publishing.

But if you’re making your website a business, and selling it out of home, then the best way is to build your website and have a partner. Your web developer can write the code and you can have your web designer build pages for you and you have your partner.

I have a blog so I’m a single blogger. I have a partner right now. I have 10 blogs so I have a partner. I would love to have more websites, but I want to do that privately. When I’m on the road with the blog you know you’re helping me, but I can say no to other sites because they would violate my rights. I want to have total control over my blog