What’s the easiest guitar to play?

Probably guitar. As long as you make sure the strings are right, you have full control over the speed of the note.

If you can figure out how to make guitar play, the next thing to learn is how to play the mandolin. When you do, you become a good musician and become great at both guitar and mandolin.

Mandolin Playing

What’s the best trick to help you get that mandolin sound?
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Don’t hold the notes too still when you play!

That would sound strange to you, doesn’t it? But, when you hold the notes so still that they go in and out of your hands as you change the chords and rhythm, then they sound the same.

Just think of how good you’d sound if you played guitar but didn’t move the guitar around!

Also, you can hold the mandolin notes in your other hand while you play. That sounds like jazz to me, doesn’t it?

How do you find the perfect fingering to play the mandolin?

It’s not an easy thing, but if your fingers have been playing with one finger all along and just need a little help, I’d suggest you don’t move them very far. Instead, get in touch with your upper fingers and go in a straight line. There, you’ll find the sweet spot when you play the mandolin.

What kind of music do you play?

My first musical interest was in the swing music of my youth. When I started playing jazz guitar, I learned a lot from jazz pianist and musician Bill Evans, just because I was so fascinated by his way of playing.

As for swing music, I’m still obsessed with it, although lately I’ve been listening to a great deal of rock music.

How do I know how to play the mandolin?

As for how to play the mandolin, there’s a lot of material here to help you out. But what you probably need most are practice questions and practice techniques for your style and technique. So, just think about the type of music you play, and then try to find practice questions that you can solve with some practice. Here are some ideas:

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