What’s the easiest guitar to play? – Guitar Chords Book Pdf Free Download

Jungle – this is pretty easy to play

Scooby Doo – I’ve got it memorized

What’s the toughest guitar to play?

Athlete – I’m afraid of losing

What’s the most complex guitar?

Blackjack – there is no simple answer for this

What’s your favorite guitar to learn?

Electric guitar – because it’s so flexible

36 Free Guitar Lessons - Perfect For Beginners
What’s your least favorite guitar?

Guitar – I can play one song, but when it comes to a real show, I hate every single song

What can you show people that doesn’t belong in a guitar lessons section?

Guitar tuning – if you’re learning a new tuning, you need to know how it works and not how to play it

What would you make people come back for?

Guitar lessons – it can be very tough to go back to a show when you are learning and playing a new scale – I promise you it’s worth it

Thanks for your time, Jonny

Guitar Lessons

Tutorials of guitar tutorials

Jonny talks about the basics:

How to set a pickup right:

How to set up a tremolo:

How to set up your electric guitar (with all pickups):

How to set up your electric guitar (all pickups, both neck and bridge):

The most advanced and best method for teaching electric guitar – Guitar Lessons:

Jonny talks about:

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