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Beginner Guitar Chord Chart - Major, Minor & 7th Chords
I try to play in tune and play the guitar in general. It’s not a guitar which you can just play at your own speed and it doesn’t matter how fast you play. If you’ve got speed, you’ve got speed, if you don’t have speed, you’re not going to get anywhere. Also, a guitar is a very easy instrument to play. So, it’s really easy to play an electric guitar.

Are there different kinds? Electric guitar?

Yeah, I like an electric guitar better. Electric guitars are more like electric organs for me, because I can actually play them more easily with my left hand. So they’re easier for me.

Do you have a favorite electric guitar?

I like a Yamaha M1 electric guitar because it’s easy to play and has a low tone, a little bit bright and a big sound, and that’s something that sounds kind of interesting to me. It’s easy. In fact, that’s why I have it. You see I’ve never really played a Les Paul, because I haven’t made up my mind. I guess I’ll get around to it one day. It doesn’t sound bad at all, you know? It was the same with electric guitars.

It’s easy to play. I haven’t ever looked at pictures of the Les Paul. I was never allowed to look at pictures of the Les Pauls. I was always told, “You don’t have to look at the pictures. You’re just looking at the guitar. You can play it.” In fact, I always get scared when I play it. “Oh this is hard. It’s so much bigger.” Well, no. In fact, all of them, I just learn one by one until I get really good at them. And that’s what I’ve been doing all my life. I don’t want to go through the whole process of learning. I get into one, if I’m really having trouble with it, then I put it down for a few months, and then I do the same with another one. And so on. So when I got to the Yamaha, I had trouble with it, because I had been studying with it before. But once I played it, it was like, “Ahh.” I got it. It’s good.

How do you play that guitar? Do you use some sort of finger pick up, or do you just let a pick sit there?

I play with the

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