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The following songs can help with the transition from basic chord progressions to more complex, harmonic, chord-based exercises:








The following chords will be the focus for the beginner, but they shouldn’t be hard at all. If they are, start learning them.
10 Common and Easy Guitar Chords for Beginners to Learn ...




What’s a chord?

Chords are musical notes.

To the ear, each musical note is made up of a different string, sometimes called a “string” because the various strings may be grouped into groups.

When you create a chord, we are combining two pitches — one higher on one side of the fret and one lower on the other side of the fret.

A chord is the most often-used grouping of strings in our musical instruments, and they are usually played in a specific way.

In modern Western music, a “minor chord” is one of the most common type of chord.

There are a few chord types in Western music, and the majority of our lessons focus on them.

It’s time to learn how to improvise over them.

Amino-Chord Basics

Before we move on and explore more advanced harmonic, triad and dominant chord shapes, let’s take a brief look at just how these types of chords were actually made.

Before you learn the other types of chords, you’ll first need to know how to identify common minor-chord shapes.

Now that you know that, let’s explore the different types of chords:

An American Minor-Form in D minor.

The Minor-Form in D major

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