What should I learn first on guitar? – Learn To Play Fast Guitar Solos

As a guitarist, if you enjoy the process of making music, then this is definitely your best starting point. You will get a better understanding of how and why that sound comes out on guitar. As I’ve said in past posts, the best way to learn a song is to just play as and when it hits you. I want to take this lesson and use it to teach students exactly that!

My first guitar lesson began with a solo and my first few notes on my guitar were fairly complex.

“If you want to get really good at improvising, one thing I always recommend is learning a chord progression by ear, starting with the root note and working your way up to the next root. But you just wouldn’t learn the root note alone, would you? What you’ll probably find yourself playing is a “natural” progression that’s not really very easy to learn.

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Well, as it turns out, the chord progression that is most familiar to every teenager is the pentatonic scale. As the name suggests, the pentatonic scale is a scale that lets you play any two notes on each fret. As I’ve said before, I find that that when you play any chord progression (starting with “A” is not uncommon practice) you’ll see a pattern of notes that is usually referred to by the name of the chord (usually that of A major). I have no doubt that a majority of you will come up with your own pentatonic scale names, but I have found it useful to pick a few that are easy to remember (like the “G-A” pattern).

Now you may be wondering where you should start with this. Well, I like to start with learning an “A” chord progression and working its scale notes on the fretboard. As the name implies, you start playing each note one at a time, one at a time. Just by playing “A-D-E-G-B” on the “G” fret you’ll start to understand what kind of chord that is – so I like to make sure to play “E-G-B-D-E” on all four of my fingers before going to the next chord progression.

As I said in previous posts, I prefer the first few notes and chord patterns I know on guitar to be as simple as what you can pick up on paper, especially on a guitar with one string only (i.e. a guitar with an open string bass string). A lot

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