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There is no single best guitar lesson book. In some ways, it’s hard to know how much to study before you play, as some lessons are more about developing an improvisation framework and other lessons are more about teaching how to play one specific type of chord.

The most important thing to learn is to master each chord type and every musical concept, from a fundamental idea to melodic phrasing, and from phrasing to chord transitions, before you learn a new guitar part.

Learning a specific chord, like when writing scales, is always more important than learning a specific scale.

But, you could study the common chords, scales, arpeggios, and the more modern guitar tablature, but that wouldn’t be good enough to truly master the instrument. You need to master each one step and each concept, until you are able to play something you didn’t even know before, like a great blues or lead guitar solos, or a fast riff.

As a guitarist, the most important part is knowing the chord tones, the basic guitar tones. Guitarists don’t have to learn every harmonic concept they hear, because they rarely play them properly, but they need to understand what they hear; and that is learning the tones from the key of A, B in a major chord, and then going on to learn the notes from the key of C.

How many chords is one really?

When you see the scale shapes and arpeggios, you learn the idea of the chord, but that was enough to play something like some jazz licks.

By learning how to play the chord and playing some jazz songs with it, you can eventually master how to play all the other chords that you don’t know yet. With a little experience, you’ll get to know all the notes that are missing or under your knowledge, and be able to play them.

Here’s the thing about scales: you can learn the concept. It’s not something you need to memorize. What you need to learn to play scales is picking an A chord on the neck, and knowing the major seventh chords of all of the major key chords in the key of A, B, C.

Do you have to learn all the major chords? No. In fact, if you know it’s an A major chord, the one you think you need to learn is the A minor chord on the neck.

As an example, you learn every chord on the neck

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