What key is a guitar in?

It turns out it is pretty easy to determine where to locate your guitar strings on the fretboard, because it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. I mean, what happens if you take a pair of stringed instruments and string them as close to your mouth as you can? It becomes very easy to determine where to string where to attach your guitar strings. I’m not talking about the string. When we use stringed instruments we’re talking about strings. So when you string your guitar, it’s not so much about where the strings are attached to your wood, that’s been done before — you already know that — it’s where you put your stringed instrument in. If you’re trying to string your guitar to your mouth, your instrument is usually on the back of your hand. If it’s not, it’s probably in the front corner.

How did that turn out during guitar lessons? Well, I did some research into those places. And we learned that there were different options — some had strings attached with tiny hooks and screws, some had strings attached with metal pins and screws. One thing we found was that the metal pin and screw style of stringing is a much more modern and convenient way to string your instrument. It’s more like it was done back in the day, it’s simpler, and you don’t tend to leave a sharp edge across the wood. That may sound silly, but if your strings are getting sharp, it’s pretty hard for a kid to do their tricks around the instrument.
Parts of the Guitar - Beginner Guitar

You’re not supposed to play a single note without tuning it. Do we actually have to teach kids to tune their instruments before they’re allowed to strum? Yeah, that’s right. Kids do tune their instruments, I’m sorry. Because kids, generally — I mean, there’s only about 4% of kids who don’t tune their instruments before they start playing anything. Some of them really enjoy doing this, and some of them just go for it.

This interview was conducted by Michael F. and David T. Williams. It was edited and produced by Elizabeth Chaillet. This interview has been republished courtesy of Creative Loafing.

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