What is the most sold guitar? – Parts Of A Guitar For Beginner

Do you have any tips for buying one?

My first ever purchase was a Fender 335. This had been a prized player for a long time. I liked that he had the old school look and I loved that the frets were maple because of “the beauty of the tree.” This was my first “real” guitar. After a few months of playing it, I took it out to the local guitar factory and was sold as a second hand Gibson electric! For a while I played a lot of the early guitars – a Fender 335 I think was first and my first custom made. These days I mainly play the Stratocasters, but love playing the Fender Telecaster. I got the Tele in the early 80s for $600. I played them up to my neck as they were too expensive for me.

Did you get this guitar for cheap?

This is by far my most prized guitar. It was given to me for free.

How long has your guitar been working for?

It was made in the early 60s on a 7-string Fender and sold for $40 at a pawn shop in New York. I have had it for about seven years. It is now the one with the two heads I have been using.

Were you surprised to find it so popular?

No, this seems to be true for anybody who is out in today’s world. All of the major music companies are selling the same things anymore. All of it is the same.

Were you surprised to find that it was still an attractive instrument?

I had expected to find the guitar in good condition, but it has stayed perfect. I have heard that it is sometimes called a “Vintage Telecaster.”

What is the hardest thing that needs to be cleaned on your original Fender?

The neck. I’ve done it with a lot of different guitars and none have ever given me as bad an issue for what I consider to be a fairly easy neck!

How did you choose which neck shape to use on your guitar?

My original choice was an arch top, but I liked a more slim profile neck a lot better because it gave me more action. I bought a Fender Precision V-Taper from a pawn shop, but it was too small for my needs and it came from a store with a lot of scratches in the neck and fretboard. I also bought a small (11.5 inch) size Fender

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