What is the hardest guitar solo? – Electric Guitar Fundamentals

I would say the part of the song where I start the music is a real challenge and it’s because I’m playing so much. And to be completely honest, because I’m used to having my own version of what I do, I’m actually trying to do it different every time. Every time I record it I’m really trying to do an interpretation of the song. Some time I go back to something I know a little bit better, like I said, and do something with it, or I change it slightly. But to have my own version of it, I think would be the hardest.

What do you think has been the most surprising discovery that you made throughout the years of learning to play guitar?
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There are a lot of things that I try that I knew, but didn’t really know where they started. I did learn a lot of other things, but maybe not everything like everybody else who started to figure out how to play guitar and just kept doing it. There are songs that I was just not sure to play that I played until I saw someone, and then I started to do them on my own. I did learn many things in the studio that I didn’t really do, and some of the things where I had to learn and not really have that great feeling before, but I was so pleased with it that I could play on top of that.

The only mistake I made was that I did it for so long that when I really had to play with a guitar, I started to become kind of frustrated. When I play a song, I play so fast that it’s so much easier to listen to a guitar play than just listen to drums, with maybe just a little bit on top of it. So I try not to do that very much. Also, the most difficult song in the world is not the most complicated thing to do, it’s the most difficult thing in the world not to do it.

Tell us a joke.

I have a friend who actually had an eye problem where their pupils were all different. And he would play and they would have to have a look at how big it was and if there would be a problem or not. And then whenever he would play something, it was so fast, and I would see that the pupils were different. And if I had a look at their eyes when he plays, the color would change. And if I was really into something and was really good, I guess that was one thing that could happen

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