What is the easiest song on guitar?

“I guess it was the [Gloria Estefan] song, because it was the only one I was listening to. She’s my favorite singer. I’ve listened to the one that’s on the soundtrack of “Valkyrie”. I like rock. And they did it for one month and it’s on the soundtrack. It’s really easy to sing. I don’t like to go for something difficult like it’s gonna be difficult to sing. You can get by the whole song on your guitar with just your voice. There are a lot of songs like that. I like playing those. But most guys can’t. They’ve only seen one band that can do it. They’ve gotta try. It is hard to have some kind of success. It is a pain. I can’t explain it well, but they have to go on. It is a pain. They don’t have to sing that well to go on. They have to make it on their own. They have to do it in front of a bunch of people or something. They have to learn what they’ve got to do to do it. They have to practice. Or they have to find some guy that will be there with them every day to ask them questions and watch how they play or do stuff. I think it’s really hard to achieve, but maybe for those that do, maybe it is. The harder it is, the better, I think.

HUNGARY’S president, Viktor Orb├ín, is not a fan of immigration. But last weekend he appeared to suggest that Hungary would not allow immigrants into the country if they were not Hungarian. When quizzed on the comments, the president said that his government would welcome all refugees, but that those migrants who were illegal wanted to stay in Hungary because they had no home.
I've never played guitar before. My friend let me borrow his for ...

According to the Hungarian press, the president said: “We don’t want all criminals, illegal immigrants who want to stay in Hungary and go on living without doing anything or even asking for our help. We don’t want them. They have no home and we don’t have any home for those who want to live here.”

In Hungary and elsewhere in Europe many migrants have moved on to other parts of the continent. But in some parts of the EU, such as Britain, the situation remains tense and some politicians want to take the issue more seriously.

On Wednesday, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, refused to comment when asked about some European politicians’ concerns that the numbers arriving