What is the easiest song on guitar?

The easiest song on guitar is the same for everybody. It would be no different for me. The most complicated song is the one that you write yourself. For me it is the song I write the most. The other songs from the band, I wrote those myself. With other songs I just give you ideas or write down my experience with the melody, the melody structure and the chords.

On The Magic Whip

That was the first song that I wrote for the album, so it was kind of a departure for me. I remember playing it in the recording studio when we were recording, and I was like, “If I’m going to do that, that’s exactly what I want to play.” It worked and it was a great song and it got put on the album.

What other guitar songs do you listen to?

I love the old guys like Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry. I like the old folk music. And then when you’re talking to my parents, I like John Lee Hooker. I like playing with Charlie Mingus.

When they were doing a radio show “Who’s Johnny?” I thought they were in a funny mood. I love Jimmy Webb. I was so excited when I heard Jimmy playing in the studio. It was wonderful. Jimmy can do so much. I think he really knows how to play the guitar, but you can also hear how he can really play the violin. That’s what I do.

What kind of music do they play on the radio show?

Their program is so easy to play I was so excited. I’m an old guy. I’m a bit old, probably, when you look at it. I have so many good memories. I remember getting a new record and I remember reading the labels. I thought it was the Rolling Stones or something. When it turned out to be the Kinks, I was like, “Wow.” It was a dream come true.

Where was the studio on the Kinks’ record?

In the Kinks’ home studio.

What kind of music do you listen to in the studio?

The last four or five years I just listened to classic rock. Classic rock’s a little bit more free with how you want it to sound. It has that bit more soul and blues and I really like what Keith Moon, Pete Townshend and Johnny Winter have done with that.

What is the biggest change in your playing from being in punk