What is the best song to play on guitar?

No idea.

Who’s the best musician ever?

Oh, I dunno. I don’t really know, man. It’s hard…

If I were a drummer, what music would I play?

I love the way you play, but a lot depends on what you are doing with your hand. [laughs] It might only be like a sixteenth note on the bar, because it’s too long for you.

Which singer is the biggest rock star of all time?

Oh God, Chris Martin was a genius. [laughs] I mean the guy’s a saint. He’s a really great singer, [laughs]. He is so cool.

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But I also think he has the sweetest voice you could ever imagine. He sings every song perfectly.

What’s the last song you wrote while driving home?

The one I wrote when I just wanted to drive home. There’s a song called “The Way You Used to Do It,” because you can’t do it any other way. If you ever saw “The Way You Used to Do It”? That was me—it was me going through my life with a guitar or guitar parts and just going through it. I was like “How can I get out?” I just wanted to write the song and go to bed. It was just me. [laughs] I was like the way I used to do it.

Have you ever thought about coming out now? You never want that to happen when things are getting better and more stable.

No. I can’t even imagine myself coming out now. I’m so happy because of my life, but it’s so crazy because of what’s going on with my relationship. I feel like I might have gotten away with it, but I’m not sure if what has happened in my life’s been enough for me to put myself out there for anybody.

If I were a drummer, what music would I play?

Well, I mean I would have to play the way we did back then. I would have to do “The Way You Used to Do It” again on the drums, and it’s like everything else we were doing was just a different version. It wasn’t a completely new version of the song. It was like, you know, just a completely different part. I mean, we had the two main parts of the song, and we wrote it before we wrote the song that made that part. We