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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Trump has previously called the president a ‘fucking sleaze’

US President Donald Trump has announced he will pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona if it has been proven that the man was involved in racially motivated arrests during his tenure as sheriff.
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The former Arizona sheriff is an outspoken critic of Mr Trump’s, and accused him of “criminal acts” during his campaign last year.

“I am fulfilling a campaign promise,” Mr Trump said.

The sheriff said he does not expect any backlash to his pardon – something he said will be “great because it will put an end to the nonsense that is being told by the fake news”.

“The people of America understand that they have an authoritarian leader and that our democracy is on its last legs,” Sheriff Arpaio told reporters.

“I don’t think people want to see that happen in America anymore.”

His pardon means the end of any lawsuit. He did not reveal how much money he will receive or if he will retain some of the money.

Sheriff Joe has long denied wrongdoing, and he and his critics blame Democrats in the Arizona legislature for forcing him to resign in April 2016.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Trump said the man he pardoned “is a decent man, tough as nails”

“I hope President Trump will continue to make good on his campaign promises and I will support him any way I can, despite the fact that this man is a decent man, tough as nails, respected by his staff and sheriff’s officers,” said Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County, in central Arizona.

“If he follows through in his promise and takes the money to finance a good defense, I will be one of the first to say thank you Mr President.”

Mr Arpaio, who is 83 and in declining health, has also said he would welcome an offer from Mr Trump if he did get the job.

“I am always willing to

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