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How long has this website been around?

Why I want to do this

The idea for this project was born on the day I moved to the city. I was looking for a new city to live in at the time and something about this city had always appealed to me. The people, the city, the food, the place itself was all things that I was looking for and had always been drawn to as a kid growing up in the city of Chicago. I’d spent a lot of time in the community in this past year or so, hanging out in the Chicago parks with friends and seeing all of the various ways to make Chicago a better place for myself, for the neighborhood and for the people.

So, I took the time to find a neighborhood that met my needs, that I could be a part of and a community that I feel connected to, and then I took the initiative to start organizing and learning from the folks who were growing these plants and learning how they’ve always done it, where they’ve gone, which areas were particularly valuable and in what ways they needed to do more. I was really interested in making sure that the project was sustainable and in a way that I could continue to grow this for the community and see this experience grow larger with the time that I spend at my house.

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We started the garden out by putting out an application. The process of getting a permit for this was slow and hard work but also great in that it was not like you can do it anywhere else. The work was mostly done on my own with a lot of help from my friends. We had many volunteers, and when the project was first created we had three volunteers who were doing all of the garden work themselves. It would never have happened without the work that someone had done on a small scale. Then, we started to get more groups who were actively involved who would be helping me and they started to grow organically together instead of just working alongside each other. It was really encouraging to see people who were willing to give and help people and work through a difficult process together.

What were some of your favorite experiences and experiences growing this plant?

One of the highlights is getting to meet my friends and I met quite a few people in the community who were already interested in cultivating and who were actively involved and helping out. We had many volunteers from around the city who were helping us get it going and also bringing their knowledge and experience with them. I got to see that it was a great

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