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If the price is not too high when you compare the cost of an entry beginner guitar with one of the most expensive alternatives. That is a good price when you know that this guitar will last for a long time.

Many people who decide to pick up a new guitar think that the instrument should cost about half a dozen dollars, but that is not quite right! The most affordable beginner guitar, the Gibson SG/Les Paul, will cost you about $1,600, but it is an amazingly beautiful guitar. The SG/Les Paul also has the best tone of any guitar you will ever want to own.

That is the way it should be. The most affordable guitar that you should pick up is the Gibson SG/Les Paul. If you have the right kind of attitude, the price is totally worth it. That is a lesson most guitar buyers who want to play the instrument can learn easily. With about the right kind of attitude or a solid foundation. For the right kind of money you are ready to start playing. The most expensive guitar that you should look for is the Gibson Les Paul Standard. That is priced at $4,200!

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Are you looking to buy or sell a used guitar?

If you are looking to purchase, we invite you to check these pages. You can read about what some of the best used brands are as well as learn about the differences between vintage guitars in different markets. Our goal is to help you make a good decision on what you need.

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