What is a fair price for guitar lessons? – Learn Guitar Fretboard In 10 Minutes

I ask because I’ve been on a few courses from the UK to Korea. The cheapest one of them was from a British tutor that I asked if I could work from home. There’s more than enough money to buy something I haven’t heard of, which I’d rather buy than be ripped off by people I don’t know. Do I have to pay to go to the same one somewhere else? No. But then again, the UK is not a free country. I’m more interested in the lessons the tutor gave me in Korea.

If I pay the same price of $1,650+ for a five-seater that’s a bit of a bargain. If the teacher in the first video is as competent as the teacher in the second video, the student won’t get the same exposure to Korean guitar that he or she gets from the one who is paying an obscene amount of money for a single lesson. (I’ve heard that an average teacher in North America will get 10,000 students in a year and then take home $1,000.)

This isn’t a new concept. Most guitar teachers will tell you that their prices are too rich, and that they give 10 lessons, plus travel and accommodation. Why?

“There’s a reason they’re called “professionals.” You learn by listening.” A teacher on Youtube.

That’s the problem with teachers nowadays. Most are paid based on the amount of lessons they do; if they sell 15 lessons and get 15 new students, they can earn a good living. Some want to stay in the game; others want to just keep earning, which will give them more money and more responsibility. I’ve met a teacher in New England who was making six figures in teaching because he had a “big reputation” in the guitar scene. I wouldn’t want that, nor would I want to work that.

But when most players have heard about the “ten dollar lesson” from the YouTube celebrity, they think, “Well, I should do a 10 dollar lesson, too!” If that’s the most efficient way to learn, then that’s what they’re going to do. The problem is, these people are not qualified to be instructors. Unless it’s the “cool” thing to do, they’re not going to do anything that’s going to get the guitar playing community excited about the guitar. You’re going to see a lot of mediocre players just getting by by being an expert, so nobody learns from them.


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