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I don’t think the answer is necessarily an instrument to learn. It could be a language to learn to understand. I think if we wanted to learn a language, we would pick a instrument that we could sing along to with our ears, rather than being taught a language by a course or a course of study.

And then there’s this really cool thing I always joke about, which you could call language training. If I could teach you about the language you think you already know, what would the best thing you wouldn’t know that could help you? Something like the Chinese alphabet, or the phonetic alphabet, or the symbol for “k” for “ku” because for most people those are the things they automatically know and understand. They just never know to ask if the question is “Where’s Kitty?” and then that’s it. But that’s not an optimal learning environment.

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You could say that’s because there’s nothing on the face of it that is immediately intuitive. It’s a kind of non–artistic teaching that is almost impossible to achieve within the limited time you have. And yet you need to do that in order to teach people. So the best way to learn a language, and I mean you wouldn’t want to teach people the language of other people, but a language of a fellow human beings, is to actually go on a language course. You have to learn how to read lips, and how to pronounce voices. And you have to learn how to read what they’re saying, like who they’re talking about, what their language is, like how to learn how to read them. Those are the things that would allow you to be able to read lips and pronounce voices and read lips and hear what they’re saying so that you can learn how to talk in a way that is not just a sound that you automatically understand.

So you could look at language training as an art, like it being a way to learn how to read lips so you could read lips so you could read their voice in a way that they are speaking, but because of the time that you’re taking to do that you’re only learning to speak one or two characters before you start talking about what other characters they might be talking about in the next phrase. It’s very challenging to become fluent in the language, and so I think that is where language is taught in most courses, but I would argue these are actually the worst places to teach because it’s not like they’re all actually teaching people how to read lips

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