What chords should I learn first on guitar? – How To Play Guitar For Kids

Now, first of all it is important to say that you probably shouldn’t be reading this article if you don’t already know what chords are and how to play them!

If you are new to guitar or if you were just starting out, chances are you never learned any chords at all. You heard, heard, heard, heard all the time and knew it was important to know every single chord you can. For some of you, this is really annoying, you can’t remember any of the chords you know and there’s no way to make sense out of it at all. It’s not a problem for you, you just didn’t learn them. For others, however, you probably are not new at guitar, so you think you already know them, but you actually don’t!

So let’s look at this problem in some detail. It consists of, on average, about 20 chords in your repertoire.

The chart below shows what all these chords are and why you’ve probably never learned any of them!

But what did you learn first?

What are the chords that most chord learners want to learn? There are many ways to answer this question. Here are a few examples of why guitar students often choose to first learn the chord they want!

Common chord types like the root, sixth, dominant/passive/subdominant:

A – Db – Eb – F# – Gb

B – C – F# – Db – Eb – F#m

G – Ab – G# – Ab – G# – Ab – Abm

Em – Am – Bb – Tm – Bb – Bm – Bb

Chords that sound good in any key:

A – D – Eb – F – G

As you can see, if you start with a chord, most often it will sound the way you want it to. And most obviously, it’s easiest to learn a chord if you are learning it as a minor or dominant chord too.

Chords that sound different from what you know:

#8 – 8 – G

Cm – D – E – Gb

A – Am – G# – I – Am – G#m

Bb – C – F – G – Ab

Em – Am – A – Ab – G

Dm – F – Ab – G – Am

Bm –

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