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All guitar chords except the Major or Minor chords are based on the scale of the 7th string, which is the G Major scale.

The 2nd finger (1st) and a 1 st finger (3rd) play the notes of the 7-string scale.

On some instruments, the 2nd finger is placed on top of the 1st finger, for example, on the fingerboard of Fender’s electric guitars.

The 2nd fingers’ notes are usually called 1-2-F-G, for example, on the fretboard of a Fender neck.

If the 3rd finger is not properly aligned with the 2nd fingers the 3rd note will sound like a 1-2-F, an “o” sound: a 1 (1st) finger.

The 3rd finger’s notes are usually called 1-2-3 (note names are different on each instrument).

Why did the guitarists of the last 100 years call each note by its name?

This was an age where the names of the notes were never written clearly.

The fingerboard was also in need of new names to distinguish between the 2nd and 3rd string.

The most popular names used up to that time were “G”, “A”, and “4”.

The names for most other fretboard notes (which is why they had 3 or 8 or 10, or whatever) were also not too clear either.

The 2nd and 3rd fingers played the notes of all six instruments in their scale, without looking at each other.

It was also the time when the majority of guitarists had only picked the 1st string and had no fingers remaining at the 3rd string in the 4th string, so how could you learn the chords anyway?

All you needed to learn the 3 basic guitar chords was to know all of the numbers in the fingerboard to which your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers belonged.

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How and where did all the numbers on the guitar fretboard come about?

In 1900, Thomas Dolby designed the first guitar with a 3 string scale that had 12 intervals.

He needed a way to indicate which note was being played on a particular string.

From this, the name of the scale was assigned to each interval (of 12), like “G” for the G fret, “A” for the A fret, for example, and

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