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The 3 basic guitar chords are:

Root = 5

Root 5th = 9

3 & 4 – 7th = 13

You can see how each of the basic guitar chord shapes look as the strings come into the guitar.

Check out the images below to see the 3 basic guitar chord shapes in action.

The Basic Guitar Chords:

These aren’t the most traditional chords as they don’t have 4 notes. Instead they are used with the 3 & 4 chord to create rhythmic effects. Try taking the 5th of root 5 and the 5th of root #9. Here you can see the 2 bars form this simple chord shape.

Notice in the video above the 4th of root #9 creates the 5th of root #5.

This simple chord shape can be used with any chord except the dominant seven (Cmaj7). Here the 5th of root #9 creates the 4th of root #9.

You can try playing a root note in this chord to create the 3 & 4 chord. Take the 5th of root 5 in the guitar. Place it in the guitar root note. Play it in the same position as you would hold 4th of #9 in the root note. If you play the 5th of root 5 then it goes to the 3rd of #9 in the note.

This 3 & 4 chord pattern is popular in jazz and blues music. The same holds true when playing a 3 & 4 chord on guitar.

There is also a “6+4” 7 chord pattern that is used frequently in guitar. A 6+4 chord has 3 root note chords and 2 5th chord chords. Here you can see the 2 5th chord chords in the first bar of the 6+4 chord.

To apply this chord pattern take Root(5) with Root(9) in the 3rd of #1 in the 6+4 chord – and it will lead to a 5th chord. Note the 2 5th chords in 2nd bar of the 6+4 chord.

Try playing a 6+4 chord on guitar in the 3rd position:

Again make the 2 5st chords in the notes of #2 in #3 in the 3rd of 3 in the 6+4 and add the 2 5rd chords from the root note.

Here is another 5th chord shape based on chord shapes:

Notice how the 3rd

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