Is it OK to start with an electric guitar?

First of all, if you are not currently using an acoustic or electric guitar, then I cannot recommend buying a first electric guitar from me if you haven’t got one already. You will either have to learn a few tricks from me and put the guitar in reverse tuning until you understand how to play with reverse tuning. That is what this site is here to help you with. Then it’s on to the guitar’s sounds!

When I say sound, I don’t mean volume. I mean musicality and overall musicality. If you want to get into reverse tuning and find a cool bass-like sound, you may want to start with a guitar that’s low in the neck. You will need a low string for this. You might want a few more frets for tone, but most of the instruments will be around 12 – 13.

Some guitarists (myself included) are more interested in getting low on the neck when playing a certain way. I would say that a 7 string electric or acoustic guitar should be the closest fit to a 7 string acoustic. But, a 7 fret and 3 string acoustic bass would be fine.

You can experiment with playing low on certain parts of your guitar in Reverse tuning, but it should be a good idea to avoid it completely unless you are playing at a very slow tempo.

As you may have found out from reading our previous FAQs, there are a few different types of music you could be playing:

You could be learning classical guitar, or other types of classical music, or you could listen to music for fun and get better at reverse tuning.

You could be playing your favorite jazz or blues tunes on the guitar and get excited when you are able to play them reverse, and then it’s on to learning the next jazz or blues tune on the other side of the string.

You could be learning the bass guitar on guitar, or even learning how to play the bass guitar in reverse.

You could be practicing your other musical preferences, like playing blues on the left, or jazz on the right.

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The best thing is to start off with a guitar that you’re comfortable with. If you get a big belly, you might not want to spend the extra time in reverse tuning and get a big neck. I wouldn’t recommend this, but if that is your thing, then by all means experiment! You will figure it out.

Another option to consider if reverse tuning is not for you: