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No, you are absolutely not allowed to buy an electric guitar with the intention of playing in a rock band. If you had to do that you would be on ice. For the rest of us, though, a nice warm electric guitar might be a nice introduction to playing music.

What are the best electric guitars you have played through the years and why?

I do not have a personal favourite of any electric guitar, nor any favourite song.

Where do you buy your instrument? Do you buy it from your local guitar store?

If I have to buy it I most definitely buy it from my guitar store. I know they are going to sell me something but I am very particular about what I buy.

Is the guitar worth its weight in gold?

It is not worth its weight in gold. It is a great guitar and it is mine. The guy who plays it for me is not going to sell me a $5,000 guitar and when he does he will give me a new one as well.

Why have you always been a good guitar player?

I have always been a good guitar player. The only problem is I am not good at doing what I love to do. This was a problem for the longest time and unfortunately I had the misfortune of being in a rock band which I played in.

Can we expect the band to change?

I don’t see the band changing anytime soon. I have always said that when you find a drummer who is going to make your life easier, you should make all the other commitments you can.

As somebody who is very good at recording music why did you want to put your band into the studio? Is it purely a commercial concern?

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I am very happy having my own recording equipment. I used to do my own work and I really liked that. I like the idea of a big budget recording because I can do what I want.

What is the most musical moment you have ever experienced in your life?

I think it was when I was playing guitar for a very old school guitarist and my guitar got so bad in the past I couldn’t do anything for it. The old man in front of me, a very well known musician in London, went over and tried to fix it and he said that this is a problem you will never solve but let’s just try it. The band and myself got very excited and I went on stage and just played an amazing song

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