Is it hard to learn guitar? – Concepts Of Guitar

Marilyn Monaghan [2:04]

I remember coming to school and hearing this song called ‘What’s Up, Tiger Mother’, which got me really interested because that’s the first song I’ve ever heard from that family. It was a song of a girl getting married and going through a really difficult period and she gets pregnant and she wants to leave but her parents say you have to wait. That’s also true with this song and so many of the songs I see on a record store shelf: My Dad went to his first band, played electric guitar for seven years because he was a drummer and then left and now he’s on a label that records with the Rolling Stones, the Stones. We had our first record deal when I was two, and he was one of the first people with whom I worked on my songs. I don’t know if that’s right – I think the Rolling Stones or the Rolling Stones had their deal when I was two years old.

What you notice about these families, the ones that have written some of the greatest music, is that they spend a lot of time sitting down and listening.

Well, I mean, I’m certainly not a big talker but that’s what you do. You start sitting down and you just let your creative mind come to you and try to develop more songs. So when I hear a song in the back of my head that has potential, I will listen to it over again. Like you said, the first song I heard from my father in the seventies was ‘What’s Up, Tiger Mother’. It was my dad playing guitar and singing about the difficulties of being a dad, and that’s not to say that the songs you hear are anything really new. Most of these were recorded over a 30-year period. I think the Beatles had some of the early ones, the Stones had some of them, and I think my dad had ‘What’s Up, Tiger Mother’. Then I don’t know anything else, actually. He recorded a couple of songs when I was two, one was ‘Dazed and Confused’, and that was a good song for a father to sing, he sang it from a car window, but the other song that was on the record was called ‘What’s Up, Tiger Mother’. He’s always listened to it and I think some people have heard the ‘What’s Up, Tiger Mother’ thing and don’t like it as much as they liked the ‘Lonesome Death of Hattie

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