Is it hard to learn guitar by yourself?

I was a guitar-player, but my dad and mother helped me a lot to learn it by themselves.

Have you always liked music?

Yes! I learned guitar by myself until I was about fifteen.

Do you play music on Facebook and YouTube?

I don’t! My sister (the music photographer) teaches me guitar.

What is your favorite guitar song?

I don’t know. I love songs about love and passion. I like it a lot!

What do you like most about the New Orleans musicianship culture?

Blink 182 Tabs
As far as New Orleans music, I love every guitar player there. I think the musicianship there is really good at creating music. Everything is different.

Do you want to be the next great musician?

Absolutely! Because I think my guitar playing is quite good.

You say in your bio that you’re an only child. Who does your big sister have?

I like to play with my big sister and brother.

I made a quick video to go along with my write up, if you can’t read.

I’ve noticed that for some reason some people are getting stuck on these walls in all the screenshots. You can get those to come out, but it might just cause problems for some people.

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I’ve only been here since January, but am just trying to get things rolling again with the mod. I’ll try and update again to keep the mods up to date as I know people enjoy the mods soooo much.

If you don’t mind, here’s the video!

After watching a movie, we’ve all made a film, written a screenplay, or just watched the action unfold on screen. But, what are you actually watching at the end of the day?

The short answer is you’re reading a book at night.

That may sound like a silly statement, but you’re not only doing something you are absolutely enjoying, but you might be changing the shape of your brain in the process!

When you read at night, you’re focusing on words in the same way you would if you had just been out for a walk with your friends. Not only are you focusing and paying