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A man holds a sign depicting German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a demonstration on the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, June 18, 2017. Thousands of people attended a mass rally on Wednesday in reaction to the attacks in Nice, including the mass protest in Berlin on Monday against the refugee resettlement agreement with Turkey. Photo by Peter Krems
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Berlin (AFP) – Thousands of people demonstrated in German cities on Wednesday against a planned EU-Turkey agreement with Ankara, with leftist groups and the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) staging separate rallies.

Germany has been the EU’s chief critic of Ankara’s human rights record, and Berlin is demanding that Ankara stop discriminating against Kurds, a minority in the mainly-Turkish southeast.

– ‘No way’ of agreeing –

Pro-Kurdish left-wingers marched across the streets in Dresden, while anti-Islam right-wingers and rightwing populists staged demonstrations in the western German city of Hannover.

In a sign of the sensitivity caused by the refugee issue in Germany, at least 17,000 police were deployed to guard the demonstration, AFP said.

Germany’s left-leaning Greens and the conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) are both opposed to any EU-Turkey deal that would allow more than a million migrants, mostly from the Middle East and Africa, to enter the EU.

The Green party leader Cem Özdemir took stage with his party’s new leader Simone Peter in Dresden, calling for the suspension of the EU-Turkey deal and the blocking of the planned deal by an alliance of opposition parties.

The NPD, which has called for anti-Islam policies to be reintroduced into Germany, organised two rallies in Germany’s third-largest city of Leipzig as well, but they were cancelled.

Cem Özdemir addressed the crowd shouting: “Where, in your country, are we supposed to find sanctuary if we have a German?”

“You Germans would never have agreed to a refugee swap if you had not been deceived,” he said.

The Green party leader also criticized the CDU, saying the party has no alternative but to

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