Is 32 too old to learn guitar? – How To Play Strings On Guitar

A. If you are over 32, you are not allowed to take an active role in the music. The age requirement is based solely on physical and emotional maturity and capacity.

Q. I was taught guitar as a kid by a parent/teacher who was 40. I have found my skills and understanding are growing and it’s my passion/love for the instrument that keeps me going. But can I still be forced to learn by a government group?

A. No, the age requirement will be waived for members of a group that is authorized by the government to perform at a national or international concert.
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Q. If I play a solo while being monitored by an official, can the other person still hear my parts?

A. Yes, the soloist can hear what the other person is trying to do, and it should be safe for them to be doing it and not the other person, regardless of how well they listen. The soloist will receive points for good performance as well as good technique. (Read more)

A new survey suggests two-thirds of Americans support giving the federal government the power to declare that a drug is in the public’s interest if it can be proven by science to be safe and effective – and to withhold funds for those drugs if they are deemed to be not in a patient’s best interests.

While that kind of regulation may seem extreme, if passed by Congress, it would be the first such law passed in the 21st century. It would also be a significant expansion of the war on drugs, which is on track to become the largest drug policy initiative in the U.S. It would set a far higher bar than any legislation to that date, according to a new study by the Cato Institute.

“It would take a Congress willing to confront the powerful lobbies involved – not to mention the political will not to get in trouble with voters who oppose it – to get this sort of law passed,” said William Bennett, a policy analyst at the think tank.

The research comes as Congress prepares to debate the first major attempt in the 21st century to control what the president considers the “overwhelming” epidemic of drug use. Drug use has skyrocketed among all groups of Americans between 1999 and 2011, according to figures from the Census Bureau. In that time, drug use increased by a stunning 60 percent among 25- to- 34-year-olds and by nearly 40 percent among Americans ages 35 to 54.

The study highlights

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