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No. It’s more about the style of learning than the age required. Many students who were in their mid-teens, for example, have achieved very well, especially considering the age requirements. It’s easier to learn a new skill than it is to learn the same skill with a completely different technique.

Do I need a teaching course?

The learning courses offered as part of the professional level course have been developed based on the criteria and requirements set out by the National Council for the Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching (NCAT).

Do I need to have been a member of a local music company to attend these courses?

No. These courses offer the chance to meet new people from all over the world who want to do something positive with their lives. We’ve done this by connecting students with those who have a great interest in music but do not know any other musicians who could help them improve and learn how to play and play well along with an excellent music education scheme – the Music First Programme. This is a part of the National Partnership for Educational Excellence (NPCE) which has been in operation for over four years and already has a huge impact in improving outcomes for music education. Music First is a unique, flexible programme that helps students to study the instrument at home and learn how to play the tunes at home that they enjoy. Music First is also a free programme available to anyone with a passion for music or who has a spare afternoon.

Why can’t I take more than three of these courses?

There are different levels of participation required from each course, so there is no particular need to enrol in every course as you wish to. The National Council for the Curriculum (NCAT) have developed criteria and a set of key performance measures which are taken into account in determining the requirements for each course.

Can I start my music education in the school I’m currently working in and continue to study at home?

This depends on a number of factors including how you wish to spend your time and where you live. However, we strongly suggest that you take at least one of the courses offered through NCAT in order to fully benefit from the educational services provided. You may want to consider these options before you decide on where to invest your time and resources.

What about learning music in a studio?

If you would like to learn music on your own time, there are many exciting opportunities which are still available. You would do well to consider studying

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