Is 26 too old to learn guitar? – Can Anyone Learn To Play Guitar

Not really: most kids from our age group have a musical curiosity and they enjoy music.

There’s no evidence that it’s “bad” to play guitar, or anything like that. The thing is that kids’ learning of instrument skills can be quite different. So it’s important that we teach kids how to think about the things they’re playing in music and in life as a whole than only to talk about it.

Do you think the fact that some music students start out as guitarists or saxophone players is a problem?

I don’t think so. I’d say that most would enjoy a good jazz gig – whether it’s solo or group. A lot of people who play guitar can’t read music.

Would you recommend that you don’t ask all these teenagers if they play guitar when they first start singing? Some people seem convinced that playing the acoustic guitar is the only way to reach professional musicians, while others think it’s the only way in a professional way. Would you talk to the young musicians about playing the instrument at school before they play it at gigs? And wouldn’t it be better to wait until they are older and know what they want out of music?

Maybe there should be some kind of musical education for each age group in schools, but if your child thinks that there’s nothing in musical vocabulary that can sound like “a song” and is always asking how he can find the perfect chords, then no, I won’t tell them about guitar. I can imagine a lot of parents have this problem with their kids who think that everything is made by the guitarist. If I’d been an amateur guitarist and was growing up in the ’60s they would have called me a nutcase. But, if there is a way to help them develop, it is to be sure they have an idea of what they like.

When I heard you said that there is no scientific evidence that playing guitar is a bad thing, did you mean that it’s only good for people who play it well?

No. There is a great many evidence that playing an instrument can be bad. In music theory, the theory of probability, I am convinced that every piece of music is affected positively or negatively by the music. You can imagine a guitar like a guitar is the most powerful instrument, but with the amount of weight on the strings, the sound and the tension, it is not so great as the drums.

You say that even in children, some people have

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