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It turns out that while teenagers may think they’re ready to learn how to play at 21, what they really want is a mentor and teacher to be an extension of their own personality and personality traits. That’s why in the early twenties and early thirties, young people gravitated towards teachers and teachers were often the most important person to them, because they knew that with the right person at the end of their rope, you could get there too. There’s probably something in the gene pool to be able to say, “Yes, you can learn this at 22, and you can actually do the things you need to do in order to get there.””It’s a myth that you have to be 22 to be a singer or a musician,” says Robert Kohn, a coauthor of the book, The Talent Code and former music manager. “If you look at the big chart trends, it’s always been singers and musicians at the top, with the exception of an occasional trumpet player.”

Kohn says if you ask most people, and if it’s an older person asking why they’re not making as much money as they used to, and it’s an older person asking when there’s money to be made in the field, it’s usually about the music. And while it’s true that younger people are playing more instruments, there’s still a lot more skill and maturity involved in all the different types of music, from the pop to the world music.
30-day guitar challenge, day 5: Play rhythm across the ...

And, the fact that these guys are so well-rounded, and not just a lot of pop hits, says Kohn, is indicative of the fact that they already know how to work, understand what it means to work as a team, have been through it, and have a good foundation. They don’t just know the music and then they’re like, “Ah! Great! I’m a songwriter.”

“For the same reasons that people can learn how to play guitar at 18 or 20 or 22,” he says, “you can learn how to work with other people in a collaborative effort. You’re able to create and share and learn from each other.”

And I feel like that’s the way that the new wave was built back to the early fifties and the early sixties when you had this huge movement that made music accessible across all kinds of different genres.

“I think you’re seeing people like those guys who are in the twenties and thirties,” says Kohn. “It’s no longer about

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