Is 19 too old to learn guitar? – Pansamantala Guitar Tutorial Easy Chords


20 years of age and up may have a small advantage in acquiring instrument technique on the guitar. They may be able to play the first chord and can produce some progressions faster than your younger siblings. As for learning the notes of the chords, some of these students need to be taught chords at home. This is especially important especially when the student is a beginner in which case you must first determine if any of your younger siblings are willing to do the same. However, we also believe that if the student is in his or her late teens or early twenties, the knowledge of chords is already ingrained in their brain. So there is no need to get them started just yet. You can start a conversation now about how much better they are at playing and then begin to teach them to hold a chord. This will help prepare them to be able to produce chords in the future.


Q:I don’t know what you mean by ‘the first chord is not so important’. I see it is a simple chord progression to play and it is easier to master it than any other chord progression. The second chord seems a lot more difficult. Should I start the exercise? How long do you have to do this for for it to be worth doing? — C

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