Is 19 too old to learn guitar? – Best Free Beginner Guitar Lessons

This was one of the biggest comments in my life! And I agree! It’s a matter of time, like with all new things the first one we should learn are the hardest to master, right? If I could get everyone in the world to learn guitar – at least 10.000 people and I would get paid.

I believe that learning guitar is not a matter of age but of talent!

After all, you know that, you only have to look at the most highly successful musicians like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift.

Do you think being 16 or 17 should not take more than an average 20 years? And do you feel that you are ready to become an artist like such?

I think that it is a matter of life.

Do you think there’s anything more that can be done? I know you don’t have any specific dream to be a singer but do you dream to have that kind of talent?

Of course, there’s still a long way to go for me but I definitely have no regrets about my approach. If anyone is interested to hear more I will put more effort and time into my dream.

That’s great! As of late we all know that there is a lot of talent in the world but do you think there’s something you can’t do – such as being an incredible guitarist or singer?

Of course! There is a lot that I can’t do right now because I’m on the road right now but I know I’ll be back and will be doing awesome things in the future, I think!

Do you follow the music industry? Where does music industry come into your life?

Of course, just because I live in America doesn’t mean I have to be in a studio all the time and all the time listening to music, right?

I’m not saying a lot here, I’ve also had my fair share of life experiences in Europe or in Australia and I have a very diverse and interesting background.

But from what I heard about the music industry you are still so young. I’m sure in a few years you’ll be better prepared than I am and we’ll be discussing this on our show!

Thank you!

You can also see the full episode with my interview and our entire interview on Youtube and Vimeo.

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