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You’ll never learn!

There comes a time when people have to stop learning. You’ve seen me practice this week; I’m really into it. My mom and I are getting a lot of advice on learning guitar as we get older – especially from grandparents who live in the country. This year she suggested that I join an orchestra or the military. I told her that it would be cool to be in that army, but I’m going to have to stop playing guitar.

I have always been a “solo” player, and I played with my sisters when I was younger—some in public and some in private. I am happy to do it now, because I want to spend more time with family. That’s not to say that I hate sitting with them. On the contrary, music is a great way to spend time with family, and I don’t see that changing. But by listening to old rock and roll music, I find myself listening to my sister and my mom, and thinking, “Whoa, Mom, you could hear this all the time in those records. Are you happy?”

This week I spent time with my best friend from high school, Chris, in Los Angeles. He is also an electric guitarist – he likes all kinds of music. We’ve been playing for about a month now. But we always played together as a trio since high school. We learned to play together at one of the bands we played in in L.A. and he told me that if he ever became a real lead guitar player, he would love to play alongside me on a solo album! In his world, he’d be the man and I would be just an auxiliary member. Chris is the nicest, most caring guy I know, and this is one way to show him that I would stand by his side no matter what.

At the age of 19, I’m getting ready for major life changes, but I’m thinking about starting a band like this one. It’s not a band that everyone in our small town can really connect with–but I want to make sure that I’m just being myself in every situation in my life. So if I can be a great musician, I’d love to be that guy.

I like to write about music for a living. There are so many great guitar musicians out there, and the ability to play well and understand the music you love and how it makes you feel is a gift for any guitarist. I have a great band with

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