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What do you do when you are on a trip and your car breaks down? Do you head to the gas station and fill the tank up to make it to your destination, or do you drive away and head back to your car to make that trip? According to The New Yorker, these are very real situations:

When they stopped at a roadblock, Mr. Langer and Mr. Scholl, whom I later learned were Americans, asked the officer if he could find them a vehicle to get them to their destination, because they were stuck in a terrible situation. “We have no cars,” the officer said. He gave them the keys, and drove away. The two men followed—a car and several young men, dressed in black—until they came across a highway and came out onto a country road.

The pair had gone through several checkpoints. When they reached the town of El Lajoni, in the south of Honduras, they encountered two more people. They drove past one group and stopped to help. “The situation looked bad, especially for us and for them,” Mr. Langer recalled. “The cops were beating us up. “The one we saw there was wearing a white mask. He started hitting us,” he said. “As soon as he found out that we were Americans, they beat us with sticks and sticks. At one point, we were beating people with sticks and sticks.”

That’s why it’s so bad to be an American, and that’s why it’s so bad to be a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It seems that not only are police at work in various cities across the United States—on top of the “militarizing” and militarizing of local police in a nationwide way, that has been in the works for years by the Obama administration—but that in addition to the police-state measures already put in place by those in power here and abroad, we’re soon entering the age where we should at the very least consider leaving the United States, and certainly not just because of the ongoing repression of peaceful demonstrators being carried out in other countries by police.

I got the following email:

“We’re at the end of the campaign now, and I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the work you’ve all done. We’ve got an incredible team here at JH Media

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