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The good news is that the instruments that we hear are usually quite decent. The big problem with guitars of any sort is that a good guitar is expensive. To put it simply, the guitar industry is an industry dominated by middlemen. It is in their interest to sell more guitars because those sales will generate more profit. So the only way to get a good guitar is through a middleman.

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While I have not taken a comprehensive history of the guitar industry (that I know of) I am guessing that the middlemen are probably a mixture of people who are involved in the business, and middlemen who take the position that the music industry belongs to them rather than to the music industry. So the middlemen make money by charging prices that allow manufacturers of guitars to sell lots of guitars. The more guitars that the middlemen sell, the more money they make. This is how a good guitar can get a really good price.

If everyone in the industry (which is not, of course, really true of all manufacturers), were honest, we could have a really competitive industry. There are, however, some people who have a vested interest in not buying guitars that are good. The people who do this are generally not guitar makers (because they sell guitars themselves). The people who sell guitars to middlemen are primarily the major label labels, although the major labels have a special interest in buying good equipment so that they can promote their own companies or their artists better to their customers. Therefore, the guitar industry is pretty much a racket that the major label owners and artists have to run in order to survive.

The reason all this is bad is because the middleman industry has created a lot of inferior equipment by creating very expensive manufacturing processes. These equipment prices are inflated by people who want to make more money. The problem is that people who have a vested interest or lack a conscience have more incentive to use the equipment at the highest possible prices. If everybody were honest then everyone would buy guitars that are good, not equipment. Therefore even the higher price equipment would be bought by fewer people. Therefore, the equipment that is purchased by many guitar buyers has a low market price. Many of these lower priced equipment that are bought have no sound or are badly designed. These lower priced guitars are not used. They are sold.

So it is no wonder that all these low priced equipment ends up in guitars sold to people just trying to survive. The fact is that there are plenty of cheap instruments that people don’t want to buy but

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