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In the US, it is a two-year commitment, so it is a good idea to sign up before it starts. You can take it easy for the first year, or work on skills like picking and playing lead in a band. You can also work on the chords, intonation, strum pattern or tuning when you have time.

What would you suggest my parents do?

The answer will vary greatly by country:

Aussie parents:

If you are over 18 without any college education, find an older teacher who has experience, and teach guitar on stage with you! Ask for suggestions when applying for school and when starting out, and look for the top instructors on the market.

Some Australian music schools and bands will have a Guitar Camp that helps with learning in the beginning years. Others will offer lessons once or twice a week.

If you have no interest in making a career out of it, go to a guitar club and play with other people and try to get into competitions against other students! You may find it easier to keep getting better!

UK parents

Aussie parents:

Take some time off school. I know lots of music teachers have started students onto university or BMA courses but you need to work hard to make it work and be good at it! Don’t be afraid to ask for help in any way you can – if you ask good questions, you’re more likely to get help. If you need help with any aspect of music, do some research on YouTube, Spotify, YouTube, Guitar Center etc.

It is quite an accomplishment if you are able to play one song for an hour before you need to take up lessons because you’ve already proven that you’re good enough. It might mean a few months to a few years after that when you need it – be prepared!

UK parents:

We will need to find a school that has a teacher with a high level of experience and teaching experience, and a teacher who will work with you. If any of this seems challenging for you, be prepared for that.

You need to be prepared for the fact that you will never get much practice time at any given time. You probably need to bring your equipment on stage and practise with a friend. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

So, now that you’ve done your homework, are you ready to start? Go and find some music lessons so you can get started! If you

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