How many hours a day should you practice guitar? – Parts Of A Guitar For Beginner

This comes up because, well, sometimes the answer is “a lot.”

There is lots of value in playing guitar, and I think we see guitar musicians who play a lot. They come to us for treatment, and then we say “hey, you’re not playing all the time.” And they are like, “no way!”

Is there something different that you find yourself getting for the first time in a while?

Probably for me, just that it is a lot of effort. The only way to keep it up is if you practice hard. The hardest part is that all these things you can do are hard. And the other part is that you have a lot of stuff to learn, and so if things aren’t working, you can turn to someone else.

In my case, my friend, my wife, and I go into a church where we can get away with playing a lot, but I can’t play that much. It’s kind of cool to have that, but if I’m not doing that, I don’t want it to discourage me.

Does that mean you take up all the music in your body at once?

I don’t have a whole lot of music in me, but if I’m playing a song for someone and it takes longer than I’m willing to wait, then I’ll do it. My friends have been going to those churches all night, for free. It’s not like I’m putting them on my record. I can’t really take that kind of money when it can just be like, “Do this with me and I’ll give you 5 bucks.”

Do you ever think to yourself, Do I really want to do this?

No. No. But I’ve always had this sense of, “I can do this,” but I don’t think it’s a priority.

Is there a day when you think, This is the day?

There is. There are a couple nights right now.

One night was a concert at the House of Blues—when I got to perform I got emotional.

I want to know why you were the center of attention that night.

Somebody else in the audience started shouting, “You are an angel!” As soon as I walked out of the gig I was on the stage with him and it was a real feeling of relief. It’s not very often that somebody says that to you. It was just the end of the first

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