How long does it take to learn fingerstyle guitar?

I’ve learned a lot of stuff in the past few years on and off the guitar, but a lot of it is really just a matter of putting in some practice, getting comfortable with the material, getting feedback (a lot of people have this kind of problem, you start picking the fingerpicking you like and keep doing it until you get it), and just getting some good technique in. But with fingerstyle, there’s so much to learn! The learning curve of fingerstyle is also a bit more obvious, but that’s why learning it is such a fun experience. It’s still quite difficult because you need to be able to read music, but the more you learn about the process of reading that you can make it a lot easier. I know I’ve learned so much through fingerstyle that I’ve become a whole different musician with each one! I’d really recommend studying fingerstyle at least once, then making progress each day or so on it – you’re going to be hooked!

You also write a bunch of other stuff, too, including music for books in the future? (I’ve got some of yours from me as well!)

Yes, I do. That covers the major stuff (I do have a few more projects in the works – including other books). A lot of my other work is really experimental. I started a few years ago writing and performing more “traditional” songs. Some people might think that’s weird, a traditional song, but I love exploring new ideas and styles and things. It’s why I started performing more – I always enjoyed that part of my work as a guitarist, but I love trying new things, too, so it’s a really fun hobby.

What made you want to write music for novels?

Well…I started going to bookshops. I had been buying and reading books to prepare for this gig, and I’d been trying to find books to write a novel. I was interested in the idea of writing stuff that was interesting and personal, and reading it wasn’t really the way to do that. For the first year I worked on these books, and was really excited about the idea, but it wasn’t until I met my girlfriend the following year that I went home and started writing. That’s when I decided I was going to write something completely for myself.

Why did you decide to write stories instead of just music?

That’s a very important question. I’m very fond of the idea of storytelling, as are a lot